Breaking Up with My New Year’s Resolution

Chalkboard Sentiment

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I made a New Year’s commitment to post to this blog everyday for the 365 days of 2016.  That sounded like a really good idea, and still fills my mouth with the flavor of a laudable endeavor when said out loud, but it’s actually not so great.   So I actually didn’t post to my Blog yesterday in direct defiance of my earlier commitment to post every day of 2016.  I broke with my resolution intentionally.  And here’s why.

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Mindfulness Isn’t Just Trendy, It’s a Powerful Tool | Big Think

I’ve considered many options for categorizing posts to the Giggling Calamity arm of my blog, and mindfulness seems to be the best fit overall.  The essence of Giggling Calamity posts is rooted in exploring how we perceive, experience, and alter the external world around us.  This includes relationships, family roles, employment roles, masculinity, femininity, philanthropy, education, activism, etc.  Not to be lost however is the simple fact that who we are dictates how we experience our environment, and for that reason, understanding who we are is vital to understanding the onslaught of external stimuli that confront us each day.  That’s mindfulness.  That’s why I’ve reposted this brief reminder about the importance of mindfulness originally published on Big Think.  I encourage you to check it out.

Mindfulness Isn’t Just Trendy, It’s a Powerful Tool | Big Think

3 Pieces of Gratitude – 1/4/15


1. Electric guitars, and the people who play them really well

2. The sound of crackling wood from a campfire

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Looking Forward in 2016

Image courtesy Greg Rakozy at

Image courtesy Greg Rakozy at

Ihave had this domain name for years.  I picked it because it represents a couple of my favorite things – giving, and giggling. When I originally conceived of it, the idea was to create a garden variety family blog devoted to sharing the wondrous things my children said and did which brought me joy everyday.  This was back when Facebook was just emerging, and the idea of social media and “smart” phones were abstract and only contemplated by academics in think tanks.  There was no Twitter, Snapchat, Skype or Instagram.  The only way great family moments were shared was via email.  Landlines still populated every home in the United States, and film camera’s still prevailed.  Of course, I was always too busy to use the website as intended, and the relentless evolution of technology has now created so many more effective ways to interact with family and friends.  My kids are older, too.  They’re quite tech savvy and easily share their own ideas about what’s funny without needing me to represent them.


I hope the mud on my goggles and the grit in my teeth will be washed away by the torrents of words that rain down over me and splatter upon the digital page.


So now I’m left to decide just exactly what to do with this website.  I must confess that I suffer from a paralysis of analysis in this regard.  It has really prevented me from getting it up and running for the past couple of years.  Rather than generate content, I’ve focussed on learning css and php, playing with wordpress and it’s infinite array of plugins, developing strategies for curating good content, integrating my website with various social media accounts, etc.  Basically I’ve focused on everything except content.  That’s ridiculous, and tonight it ends.  Fittingly, it happens to be the first day of 2016.  So my new year’s resolution for 2016 will be to post to my website every day.  Something.  Anything.  From this chaos, I hope order will develop.  I hope the mud on my goggles and the grit in my teeth will be washed away by the torrents of words that rain down over me and splatter upon the digital page.  I hope my blog takes the mesmerizing shape of a beautiful body that I long to touch and be touched by every day.  I hope to yearn for my blog.


Yes, that’s right.  I hope to yearn for my blog.  And it’s a tantalizing notion.  One that is already stirring emotions of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and doubt within me even as I write.  That’s a great sign.  The potential is within me. So goodbye to 2015, and hello to 2016.  And may the new year paint all of our perspectives with imagination, creativity, wonder, excitement and fascination.


Let the adventure begin…

Welcome to Givagiggle!

Hello and welcome to Givagiggle.  What’s this blog about you ask?  This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, love, joy and inspiration wherever they can be found.

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Man is also dog’s best friend

I was amused and humbled by the unabashed delight and careless – nay reckless – enthusiasm that punctuated Romeo’s every step as we ran together through the crisp pre-dawn air of the early morning.

One Sentence Journal – 12/3/15