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Hole-in-the-wall, Glacier National Park, Montana

East of Boulder Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana, Sept 2018

When you possess light within you, you see it externally – Anais Yin

Light from the sun is one of nature’s BIG miracles. It provides the warmth that plants and animals need to survive, the illumination necessary for vision to work, and serves as the engine of photosynthesis which is fundamental to regulating our atmospheric composition of CO2 and oxygen among other things. Yet we continually take it for granted. After all, “the sun will come out tomorrow…”. Occasionally we find ourselves reminded if it’s significance, such as when we are standing exposed on a high mountain pass beneath dark rain clouds in the midst of a relentless bone chilling wind, with an aching back, groveling stomach, and blistered feet. In an instant the sun breaks through and the moment we see it we realize that we are smiling.

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home – Rumi

When goals get in the way


“Sometimes to do more you must simply achieve less”

It is commonly espoused  that to become successful at something a person needs to set goals.  Indeed, this idea is the essence of many lucrative promotional programs oriented towards dieting, fitness, marketing, networking, sales, and so on.  Read more

Breaking Up with My New Year’s Resolution

Chalkboard Sentiment

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I made a New Year’s commitment to post to this blog everyday for the 365 days of 2016.  That sounded like a really good idea, and still fills my mouth with the flavor of a laudable endeavor when said out loud, but it’s actually not so great.   So I actually didn’t post to my Blog yesterday in direct defiance of my earlier commitment to post every day of 2016.  I broke with my resolution intentionally.  And here’s why.

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Mindfulness Isn’t Just Trendy, It’s a Powerful Tool | Big Think

I’ve considered many options for categorizing posts to the Giggling Calamity arm of my blog, and mindfulness seems to be the best fit overall.  The essence of Giggling Calamity posts is rooted in exploring how we perceive, experience, and alter the external world around us.  This includes relationships, family roles, employment roles, masculinity, femininity, philanthropy, education, activism, etc.  Not to be lost however is the simple fact that who we are dictates how we experience our environment, and for that reason, understanding who we are is vital to understanding the onslaught of external stimuli that confront us each day.  That’s mindfulness.  That’s why I’ve reposted this brief reminder about the importance of mindfulness originally published on Big Think.  I encourage you to check it out.

Mindfulness Isn’t Just Trendy, It’s a Powerful Tool | Big Think

3 Pieces of Gratitude – 1/4/15


1. Electric guitars, and the people who play them really well

2. The sound of crackling wood from a campfire

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Why does everything take so f@*#king long?


The title says it all.  Really.  Why does everything take so long these days?

I sat down to write a quick post for day #2 of this blog.  That was 2 hours ago.  The post is still in it’s infancy.  I got distracted by perusing my newsreader (feedly), hoping to find some interesting article that I could curate and editorialize about.  And there are quite a few interesting articles coming in, but it is just soooo tedious to read them and tag them and sort them and spin them into something worth writing about that I nearly forgot about actually writing a post for my blog.   There is simply too much to take in, and seeing anything with clarity through the fog of excess is certainly one of my new challenges.

No longer do people have time to listen to you wax eloquently about your favorite pets idiosyncrasies or the people you met on your vacation.  No, instead it’s “just the highlights, please.”

Distraction is so commonplace for us all now that it is expected.  If you pay attention, you’ll likely notice that conversations today almost always have an element of redundancy.  That’s because someone almost always didn’t hear what was said.  Really.  Take a moment next time you are in a small group conversation to remain silent and observe for this phenomenon.  Verbal brevity is also becoming the norm.  No longer to people have time to listen to you wax eloquently about your favorite pets idiosyncrasies or the people you met on your vacation.  No, instead it’s “just the highlights, please.”  But perhaps the most amusing aspect of conversation today is the variety of physical and verbal queues people employ to attempt to end it.  From subtly glancing at their phone, to mentioning how busy we are, to simply turning and walking away, we’ve all become quite proficient at the art of non-conversation without even really knowing it.

To tackle this problem as it pertains to curating content for this website, I decided to reorganize my news reader to separate out those sources that I know produce interesting quality content from other interesting but untested or inconsistent sources.  Most importantly, I decided to be highly critical in my selection of these sources to keep me focused and give myself the best chance to succeed at this website.  So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite websites, blogs and sources for curated material that may appear from time to time on this blog.

Great Adventure Blogs

Indefinitely Wild

Indefinitely Wild Screenshot


Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal Screenshot


Sidetracked Screenshot

The Art of Non-Conformity

The Art of Non-Conformity Screenshot

Health and Fitness


Greatist Screenshot

Great Writing

Marv Himmel

Marv Himmel Screenshot

Great Free Images (CC0)


Unsplash Screenshot


Pexels Screenshot


Reflection Made Possible with the One-Sentence Journal.

Journaling is something we all aspire to at one time or another. Like exercise or eating well, however, journaling requires commitment to really be meaningful. As busy as we are these days, that commitment can be hard to come by. Therein lies the beauty of the one-sentence journal. It’s a great way to force yourself to reflect on the most memorable or meaningful aspects of your day in a concise and efficient manner. Try it. You’ll find it’s easy to do by simply making a note in evernote or some similar program and adding your brief reflections to the bottom each day. And contrary to the title of the exercise, you don’t have to confine yourself to just one-sentence. Good luck!

Learn more about using a One-Sentence Journal here:

Source: Find Happiness in Keeping a One-Sentence Journal | Big Think

Looking Forward in 2016

Image courtesy Greg Rakozy at

Image courtesy Greg Rakozy at

Ihave had this domain name for years.  I picked it because it represents a couple of my favorite things – giving, and giggling. When I originally conceived of it, the idea was to create a garden variety family blog devoted to sharing the wondrous things my children said and did which brought me joy everyday.  This was back when Facebook was just emerging, and the idea of social media and “smart” phones were abstract and only contemplated by academics in think tanks.  There was no Twitter, Snapchat, Skype or Instagram.  The only way great family moments were shared was via email.  Landlines still populated every home in the United States, and film camera’s still prevailed.  Of course, I was always too busy to use the website as intended, and the relentless evolution of technology has now created so many more effective ways to interact with family and friends.  My kids are older, too.  They’re quite tech savvy and easily share their own ideas about what’s funny without needing me to represent them.


I hope the mud on my goggles and the grit in my teeth will be washed away by the torrents of words that rain down over me and splatter upon the digital page.


So now I’m left to decide just exactly what to do with this website.  I must confess that I suffer from a paralysis of analysis in this regard.  It has really prevented me from getting it up and running for the past couple of years.  Rather than generate content, I’ve focussed on learning css and php, playing with wordpress and it’s infinite array of plugins, developing strategies for curating good content, integrating my website with various social media accounts, etc.  Basically I’ve focused on everything except content.  That’s ridiculous, and tonight it ends.  Fittingly, it happens to be the first day of 2016.  So my new year’s resolution for 2016 will be to post to my website every day.  Something.  Anything.  From this chaos, I hope order will develop.  I hope the mud on my goggles and the grit in my teeth will be washed away by the torrents of words that rain down over me and splatter upon the digital page.  I hope my blog takes the mesmerizing shape of a beautiful body that I long to touch and be touched by every day.  I hope to yearn for my blog.


Yes, that’s right.  I hope to yearn for my blog.  And it’s a tantalizing notion.  One that is already stirring emotions of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and doubt within me even as I write.  That’s a great sign.  The potential is within me. So goodbye to 2015, and hello to 2016.  And may the new year paint all of our perspectives with imagination, creativity, wonder, excitement and fascination.


Let the adventure begin…

Welcome to Givagiggle!

Hello and welcome to Givagiggle.  What’s this blog about you ask?  This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, love, joy and inspiration wherever they can be found.

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