Breaking Up with My New Year’s Resolution

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If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I made a New Year’s commitment to post to this blog everyday for the 365 days of 2016.  That sounded like a really good idea, and still fills my mouth with the flavor of a laudable endeavor when said out loud, but it’s actually not so great.   So I actually didn’t post to my Blog yesterday in direct defiance of my earlier commitment to post every day of 2016.  I broke with my resolution intentionally.  And here’s why.


The essence of my commitment to blog is persistent self exploration that will lead me towards intellectual, emotional and perhaps spiritual liberation.  Through this blog, I can begin to focus on what inspires me, and what excites me, and I can divert my attention from the mundane and troublesome influences that accompany my everyday.  The blog is not just about doing the writing, you see, but it’s very heavily dependent upon retraining my mindset.


Indonesia 1Take for example the case of Jenny, the mother of Juliana, who is a vibrant, enthusiastic travel abroad student who headed off to Indonesia for three weeks over winter vacation.  Prior to departure, Jenny remarked to her husband “I’m worried.  I really don’t know anything about Indonesia.  We never hear anything about that place!” To her husband, that certainly seemed to be true. However, just a few days after Juliana departed, Jenny found herself seeing references to Indonesia everywhere she looked.  It was in the news on TV, online and in print.  Pictures from Indonesia were showing up on Instagram, and Pinterest, and National Geographic and various travel blogs that she visited, as well as in National Geographic.  Of course, this was not divine intervention or the work of astrological signs, this was simply a heightened awareness on her part.  The stories and photos had always been there, but she was now focused on Indonesia, and therefor much more readily able to see the relevance of everything around her.


Indonesia 2 - Bali


That’s exactly the kind of transformation of mindset that I would like to experience at the hands of this blog.  By focusing on the positive, exciting, joyful, inspirational experiences of my everyday life, I hope to become even more aware of them as they occur.  To feel them even more exquisitely.  And to redefine just exactly what those experiences entail.  I know what inspires and excites me now, but I suspect that I overlook many potentially profound influences.  Perhaps I can learn to appreciate awkward social moments and transform them into delightful and memorable experiences.  Perhaps instead of feeling taken advantage of I will develop a comforting sense of humility that warms me and makes me smile each day.


To frame my commitment as one of needing to write every single day mischaracterized the fundamental point of the blog.  It created a sense of pressure where there should be none.  In just seven short days I became concerned with my progress, and that idea is completely antithetical to changing my mindset.  So I decided to intentionally miss a day; to break off the bad relationship I had with my resolution before things got too carried away.  And I am relieved!


Here’s hoping you have made peace with your goals and aspirations this year as well.


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